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Types of assignments

There is a wide variety of writing assignments that teachers can ask you to write, either at the end of the course or broken down into smaller papers throughout the trimester. Assignments are usually based on (or at least related to) the course readings so that students can form an opinion early on. Basically, you will be asked to write both informal and formal pieces, but there is a major difference between them:
  • Informal writing is short, since the whole purpose of the assignment is learning how to write. It is a form of writing practice that fosters your critical thinking skills and clarifies purpose.
  • Formal writing, on the other hand, is meant to communicate ideas. It is, therefore, more geared toward the reader. Essay writing assignments are one type of formal writing.

Structuring an assignment

Before writing an assignment, you should learn the conventions pertaining to the field you are studying in class. For example, if your teacher asks you to write a summary of something you have read, you must stick to the conventions and analysis methods that are particular to summary writing. Regardless of style and arguments, all assignment writing must have a coherent structure and develop logically. A typical essay structure may include any of the following:
  • An introduction plus the thesis, or central idea, and its supporting arguments.
  • Identifying a problem and proposing a solution.
  • Question – analysis – answer
  • A narrative that develops into an analysis.
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How to write a good assignment?

After determining a central idea, perhaps based on your previous informal writing, you should take into account the purpose of your essay assignment. Thus, your teacher may want to develop your analytical, reflective, argumentative, informational, or expressive skills – knowing this will help you structure your essay better.
  1. Analytical essays approach a subject by looking closely at the connection between the parts and the whole. This is by far the most important skill to master as it helps you focus your writing and examine how ideas are similar with or different from one another.
  2. Reflective assignments draw from experience and investigate the writer’s life lessons.
  3. In an argumentative paper, you make a claim and support it with relevant examples, statistics, etc.
  4. Informational essays test your summarizing and synthesizing skills.
  5. Writing an expressive assignment means being able to weigh how much your personal experience matters to the subject at hand.
In addition to all of the above, a successful essay writing assignment will also consider things like the required length of your paper, the existence of a thesis statement, the deadline, and the audience. Moreover, your teacher may ask (in advance) to see a draft or any notes you may have jotted down during the writing process. All of these may be used as grading criteria, so it is important to provide complete information when booking your assignment writing service. Our specialists cannot just write your paper, but also provide you with a draft and anything else you may need. Contact us now!
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