Need Funding? Put a Lot of Thought into Your Business Plan

Business plans are meant for investors and bankers to read and respond appropriately (i.e., fund your business). But creating a business plan requires some solid marketing, finances, and company management knowledge. If you don’t have what it takes, let one of our experts develop your strategy for you. Business plan writers should:
  • Be able to carry out research
  • Analyze the market
  • Assess risk
  • Structure all the information into a readable document.

Standard business plan format

This is the standard and most simple business plan layout for you to follow. Include all of the items below in this order:
    1. Executive summaryEven though this comes first, it is best to write it last, since it sums up your entire strategy. A convincing summary will keep your audience reading, so make sure to get it right by including the following:
      • The target market,
      • Highlight the problem your customers may have, and present your solution,
      • Introduce the founding team,
      • Sum up your financial forecast.
Don’t write more than one or two pages; you will provide all the details later on.
  1. Products and services sectionA good business plan describes how your products or services can help your customers. Focus on the needs of the customer and their benefits if they turn to your business for a solution. If you feel it is necessary, you may include more information here, such as an in-depth price list or a relevant table, etc.
  2. Market analysisHere you present a summary of your target market. An effective business plan includes information about your target customers (where and how you can find them, what their needs are), and your competitors (who they are and why you think you are at least as good). It is also worth discussing how the market is changing.
  3. Strategy and implementationMake a summary of your:
    • marketing plan,
    • sales plan (and how you intend to track the progress of these two),
    • business location,
    • equipment and technology
  4. CompanyThis is an overview of your founding and management teams. Provide details regarding:
    • the founding date,
    • registration place,
    • actual place of business,
    • owners,
    • management team (even a simple business plan should include your managers’ brief resumes here).
  5. Financial planWriting a business plan is not complete without a financial strategy. Discuss your projections of profit, loss, and cash flow, and include tables. Also provide a sales forecast, balance sheet, and how much money you need to get your business going.

How to find help?

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