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Types of business documents

Effective business writing seamlessly conveys meaning to an audience, be it your employers, employees, coworkers, business partners or customers. Typically, these documents include:

The tone

When writing a business letter or any other type of business document, the tone is determined by the audience and the purpose for writing. It reflects the writer’s attitude towards both, and it affects the way the reader perceives your message.

How to use the right tone?

The best business writers know that generally, a business tone is confident, but at the same time honest and polite. Consider the following: 1. The purpose of your document, or why you are writing it. The purpose will tell you what tone to adopt so that your message is clearly conveyed and your readers will take the expected action as a response. 2. Your audience and how they will interpret your message. This is greatly influenced by the tone you decide to use. For example, a compelling cover letter is more likely to get you an interview, as long as it shows your motivation and confidence (the right tone), in addition to your qualifications. 3. Confidence A confident tone in business and professional writing comes from prior knowledge and careful preparation, and can persuade your reader to do as you ask. Be careful not to appear overconfident, though. 4. Politeness and honesty These are the key ingredients to build goodwill in your audience. Even a negative message is more readily accepted if the tone of the letter is respectful and honest. 5. Non-discrimination Writing a formal business letter means never using any discriminatory words or ideas; your tone should always express respect for all individuals. There are several ways to achieve this, including:
  • Avoiding masculine pronouns. Write “their” or “his or her” rather than merely “his”.
  • Keeping it neutral. Say “businessperson” instead of “businessman”.
  6. Emphasis and subordination There are several ways to emphasize the most important ideas when writing business letters and business proposals, so that your reader understands your message clearly.
  • Place your most important ideas in the first or/ and last paragraph, and leave the middle paragraphs for secondary thoughts.
  • Use short sentences when you need to emphasize something. If the idea requires further explaining, you can always provide more information and examples in the sentences that follow.
  • Compound sentences show a subordinate (or secondary) idea.
  • This being said, ideas that unfold over several paragraphs with plenty of detail will be more significant. Giving plenty of space to a single thought clearly signals to your audience that they are about to read something that you consider important.
  • Business writers also find that repeating any ideas you find significant is yet another good strategy, as long as you do not overdo it.
  • Finally, think of emphasizing important information by bolding, underlining, highlighting, or capitalizing it.
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