The Impact of Business Case Studies

Many college students take business classes, and case studies form an integral part of the learning process, but are also a great skill to have after graduation.

How to write business case studies?

A business case study format that is easy to implement may look like this:
    1. Writing business case studies often focuses on the impact a product or service has had on the customers of a company. This means you will have to find the right candidate for your study:
      • Look for candidates who are knowledgeable about the product or service.
      • Customers who left a competitor for the company of your choice also make great candidates.
If the candidate is a company rather than an individual, then:
    • Look for the companies that have had the best results with the product or service provided by your case study company.
  1. Contact those case study participants who wish to feature as one of the company’s customer success stories. Communicate with them clearly about any release forms, deadlines, etc, so there are no delays. Use the case study release form to:
    • Explain the reasons behind your case study and how you intend to use it.
    • Provide a list of all the details you wish to include about the company; such as logos, names and job titles.
    • Ask for the clients’ permission to be contacted by a third party for verification or feedback purposes.
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The questionnaire and the interview

  1. The questionnaire is essential for a good interview.
    • Ask each participant to complete a questionnaire, but make sure they do this before the interview.
  2. The interview itself should not last more than 60 minutes and should be tailored to each participant.
    • Ask open-ended questions regarding the participant’s experience and satisfaction with the product or service.

Analyzing case studies

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There is yet another type of case study help that our experts are able to provide. This applies to customers who already have a case study, but are stuck or unsure of how successful it will be. Here is where our case study analysis comes in most handy. Send your work to us and we will analyze it and provide feedback; we will also offer a solution, if applicable. This is how it works:
  1. We will carefully investigate the problem, why it occurred and what factors might have influenced its outcome. All potential factors will be taken into account.
  2. Once the analysis is completed, we will provide recommendations and alternative courses of actions. Our specialists will run you through each of these, before finally recommending the most appropriate one.
The bottom line is our case study writers have the experience and expertise to provide a flawless end product. They will analyze the existing literature and even manage your questionnaires and interview answers.
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