Don’t Play Down the Importance of Your College Application Essay

High school grades and admission test scores weigh without a doubt a lot in the eyes of admission officers, but the college entrance essay is also very important in their decision making. That’s because the essay can pinpoint you as the most suitable out of all those other applicants, even though your grades and scores may otherwise be the same. Even if your grades are not that high, writing a good college application essay can actually get you into the university of your dreams. So, what makes a good essay?

How to write a compelling essay?

  • First of all, your essay has to be well-written and make use of perfect spelling, grammar and structure.
  • Our specialists can help you write a powerful introduction, properly structured paragraphs and a convincing conclusion.
  • These will show not only that you can write well and provide logical arguments, but also that your personality and interests match the university’s mission.
  • Thus, the second aspect your essay for college entrance must show includes your reasons for applying, as well as your goals and dreams.

Types of essay questions

1. “Tell us about yourself” If you get this type of admission essay question, you are basically asked to introduce yourself beyond your academic background. Colleges value a diverse student body, so they want to know what contributions you might make. Nonetheless, the best college application essays are structured and properly organized, so make sure to write about a few things only. Focus on events or people that the committee cannot read about in your resume and develop these into a story that is unique to you. Provide details. 2. “Why us” Here you need to write about your reasons for choosing a particular college or career path. This is where you show your commitment to the college. While your general goals may be clear, it is imperative that you do your research about the university and college beforehand, so that you know what you are writing about. Don’t make any factual errors here and avoid flattery. 3. “Be creative” Writing a college entrance essay based on this kind of question means that you get a higher level of creative freedom, but keep in mind that the goal here is to show your personality, education, views and knowledge. However, you should avoid being eccentric or too high-minded. While you should stand out from other applicants, it is not a good idea to try and impress your readers at all costs – you will only sound pretentious. Always focus on maintaining structure and a logical flow throughout your writing. Double check facts, names, titles, etc., before submitting your essay, and use your common sense Our college application essay writing service is here to help, regardless of the type of question you have to answer. Contact us today to get a quote.
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