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How to write a basic essay?

Before you can write elaborate papers, you will need to master these basic essay writing steps first:
  1. Decide on a topic, in case your teacher hasn’t already provided you with one.
  2. Write down any ideas as they spring to mind. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar at this point.
  3. Group together those ideas that are related.
  4. Write the statement of your thesis.
  5. Develop the ideas from 3 above into coherent sentences and paragraphs; this will be the body of your paper.
  6. Add an introduction.
  7. Write the conclusion.
  8. Proofread your paper, paying close attention to spelling, grammar and style. Make all the corrections you find necessary.
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Essay types

This being said, there are many different types of essays, each with its own particularities:
    1. Narrative essays
      • Whether these are book reports or stories, narrative essays must be written clearly and concisely.
      • However, a good paper is not merely a summary of facts and ideas; instead, it should clearly present the personal experience of the writer, so that the reader can then draw her own conclusions.
      • As a result, this type of paper uses only the first-person narrative, never the second-person narrative.
      • It avoids passive constructions.
      • It uses in-text references sparsely so as not to disrupt the reading flow. Citations are listed in the ‘Works Consulted’ section instead.
    2. Descriptive essays
      • This type of paper should be written vividly and leave a strong impression on the reader.
      • The descriptive writer enjoys a great deal of artistic freedom, yet there are some guidelines to follow, such as:
      • jot down ideas as they come – our essay services can provide you with a descriptive paper from scratch, or can expand on the ideas you provide;
      • choose relevant and vivid descriptors that are nonetheless easy to understand;
      • describe not just what you can see, but also hear, smell, feel or taste;
      • don’t shy away from describing feelings and emotions.
      • Make sure your descriptions follow a logical, organized path.
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  1. Reflective essays
    • Writing an essay of this type uses comparisons and contrasts, and identifies causes and effects.
    • Rather than facts, a reflective essay focuses on the writer’s growth over time and how they got there.
    • It deals with feelings and perceptions, lessons to be learnt, experiences that confirm or challenge a particular view.
  2. Admission essays Admission essays are perhaps the most important paper you will write, but if you feel your skills are not quite up to the task, there’s no need to worry. Our professional essay writing service is here to help you!
    • Since it’s all about how you present yourself, strive to tell your story in a creative way.
    • Focus on one aspect of yourself, highlighting your best qualities.
    • Use logical arguments, details and examples that support and develop your ideas.
    • Don’t write in a language that is too formal.
    • Proofread and polish your writing.
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