Don’t Minimize the Importance of Your Personal Statement

Personal statement type

The contents of each personal statement that you will be writing largely depend on the type of paper. Hence, there are: 1. General personal statements Requested by some schools, this category of statement gives you complete freedom. You can write about anything, as long as you follow some basic rules (see below). 2. Statements that respond to specific questions Here you might be required to submit multiple essays, each in response to a specific question. Graduate and business schools usually require applicants to write this type of statement. If you are unsure which type of paper to write, or you simply need help with your personal statement, don’t worry; we are here for you. Read the tips below and contact us if you are still unsure.

How to write a personal statement?

Regardless of the categories above, there are some ground rules you should follow when writing a personal statement for college.
  1. The opening paragraph This is the most important part of a good personal statement, since your readers will either become interested and keep on reading, or bored and put your essay away.
  2. The body of your essay
    • Explain why you are interested in studying the field you are applying for, and why you are a suitable candidate.
    • Detail your experience with specific information. Aside from classes and seminars, be sure to also include any relevant books you may have read, or any talks you may have had with experts in the field, as these will help your personal statement college essay stand out from the crowd.
  3. Answering essay questions
    • Try and use the same language that professionals in your chosen field normally use – this shows that you are knowledgeable.
    • When writing a personal statement for graduate school, use your own relevant experience and tell it more like a story. This makes your paper interesting and different from all the other personal statements the committee has to read.
    • Give suitable reasons for each claim you make. Your reasons for applying to study that particular fields and not another should become apparent from reading your story.
    • You may also wish to explain why you chose that specific school or university.
    • If you decided to apply to more than one school, it is important to provide different answers even if the questions may be similar. Always customize each of your statements to answer each specific question.

Professional help at the rescue

After going through the guidelines and trying every other example you through, sometimes things don’t work as planned. You may need personal statement help from planning to proofreading; other times you may need specific help with a tricky question, like writing a business school personal statement can pose. Either way, our experts can produce good personal statements for college so that you can focus on your exams and coursework instead. Our professionals have experience and have accomplished many projects for our valuable clients. They can of course do the same for you and the process is quite simple. All you need to do is, fill up the form with necessary details and just wait for the paper while we prepare it for you.
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