Skills to master for writing effective research papers

Writing a good research paper is considerably more difficult than tackling your regular course work. It requires time and patience to read your way through all the books and journals, so that you can eventually organize what you’ve learnt into coherent paragraphs. At the same time, the essay must reflect your own standpoint, which is easy to lose sight of with so many sources to sort through.

How to write a research paper?

Research paper writing is an art that takes practice to master, but this does not mean you shouldn’t know these basic guidelines for completing your assignment successfully:
    1. Carefully consider the genre and the topic of your research essay, and keep in mind your audience as well.
    2. Research the topic, and try to stay as organized as possible at this stage.
    3. Develop an outline and a research question (or thesis statement), which sets the direction of your research paper. An effective outline makes use of parallelism, coordination, subordination, and division:
      • Parallelism refers to the structure of the heading and subheading – these are most often verbs, and in the present tense.
      • Coordination – headings should be more significant than subheadings, but two or more headings should have the same significance.
      • Subordination – headings should be more general, while subheadings should be more specific.
      • Division – this refers to the subdivisions of your heading (also known as subheadings); your paper should have at least two subheadings.
  As far as formatting goes, write your headings with all uppercase letters, and your subheadings with both upper and lower-case letters.
  • Revise your essay.
  • This is where you bring changes, sometimes major, that can go as far as rethinking the whole paper.
  • Assess words, paragraphs and pages, and replace or remove them as needed.
  • Edit to make sure the tone and voice are consistent throughout the project and the paragraphs flow logically.
  • Correct any typos.
  • Proofread.
  • Carefully reread the whole research paper and look for any mistakes that you may have overlooked previously.
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