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A good resume provides an accurate reflection of your academic and professional background. It lists your education, qualifications, employment history, and any relevant experiences, but at the same time, it also hints at your work ethic.

Resume is more than just your skills

Your commitment is something that recruiters value just as much as your skills, and by using the best resume service provided by our website you can be sure you will get a completely customized resume, based on your strengths. Moreover, our resume creation service produces a document that is perfectly tailored to the job you are applying for. That’s because some jobs require that you highlight some of your skills and qualifications, and leave out others (which in turn may be more suitable for other jobs).

How to write a resume?

The best resume writers take into account these six sections:
    1. Contact detailsSimply begin your resume by listing your details; no heading is needed here. Check your information carefully – phone numbers are particularly easy to mistype. List your:
      • First, middle and last names
      • Phone and fax numbers
      • E-mail address (one that you check regularly)
      • Permanent address
      • Web address, if applicable
    2. ObjectiveWriting the best resume also means listing the name of the company and the job you are applying for – many people overlook this.
    3. EducationCandidates with more work experience are free to list here only their most important qualifications, while recent graduates who obviously lack experience can write as much as half a page under this section.
Include the following:
      • The name and location of your university/ college/ community college/ professional school/ technical school
      • The date you graduated or expect to graduate
      • The degrees (to be) earned
    1. ExperienceSince your resume is all about you, it is a good idea to personalize it, and this section in particular. Start with the section name; the best professional resume writers suggest renaming it so that it becomes a better indicator of your work experience. Hence, if you’re applying for a translator job, feel free to change this section into “Translation Experience” to get your recruiter’s attention. Under your tailored heading, write down your experience, ranking it either from most recent to the oldest or from most relevant to least important:
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      • The exact title of your previous or current job(s)
      • The company name and location
      • The dates you were employed
      • Your responsibilities
But what should you do if you have not been working a lot?
      • The short answer is: Be honest in your resume, but also aware that the recruiter will most likely wish to discuss this with you during the interview.
    1. Honors, activities
Here you can list any of the following, plus their dates:
      • Academic and work-related awards and scholarships
      • Membership to various organizations
    1. Additional sections
      • Volunteer work
      • Hobbies that are relevant to the job
      • Computer proficiency
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