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How to look for sources?

Ideally, your term paper should bring something more to your audience than what they could obtain directly from reading the source materials. Hence, it is your duty to read a variety of sources, analyze the information, and put it into a logical, well-structured form. You can base your research on primary sources, secondary sources, or both. All original documents, articles and textbooks make up the primary sources, while encyclopedias and review articles in journals and periodicals are all great secondary sources.
  • It is a good idea to begin by reading reviews of the reference books you will be using.
  • Search magazines and newspapers for reviews of general books, and scholarly journals for reviews of scholarly books.
Read secondary sources to familiarize yourself with the topic. However, while secondary sources can lead you to invaluable primary sources, make sure to use both types in your term paper. Writing term papers based solely on secondary sources will not bring you great marks.

Researching and writing

Depending on your topic, our term paper writer can conduct a qualitative or a quantitative research.
  • Qualitative research is great for comparing different opinions or interview answers.
  • Quantitative research focuses more on the big data, instead.
After going over the material, it’s time to synthesize all the information and uncover any patterns.
  • Organize these bits of information into coherent, well-structured sentences and paragraphs.
  • Analyze your evidence and arguments to make sure they are logic and valid, and strive to clarify them whenever needed. Leave out any details that are not relevant.
  • Nonetheless, when you write your custom term papers, never lose sight of the broader context and investigate how your subject fits in.
  • Your own point of view should also stand out clearly, based on the evidence that your term paper presents.
  • When you book our professional help with your term paper, we will check it for any redundancies, superlatives, and words and phrases that aren’t needed. A trimmed term paper can be read more easily.

One final tip:

  • Our experienced term paper writers know that it is often best to start writing paragraphs after having completed the research, but without actually looking over your source references while you write.
  • Only after your term paper gains substance should you refer back to your sources to get all the specific facts, figures and details.
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