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There are several ways to define a dissertation, ranging from a long essay or a research project of up to 35 pages (or 15,000 words) to a lengthy work of 100 pages. The key lies in the distinction you make between dissertations and theses. No matter what actually type of work you need our custom dissertation writing service will help you with dissertation writing as well as a thesis.

Dissertation vs. Thesis

In the U.S., dissertations are written at the end of a doctoral degree, and theses come at the end of a master’s degree. Dissertation writing can take anywhere between 18 months and three years to complete. Generally, though, a dissertation can be viewed as a long essay that you write for a university degree or diploma, whereas a thesis may include a dissertation in addition to extensive research, and it is also written for a university degree.
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Steps to writing your dissertation

The most important thing is to show that you have really learned something after studying the curriculum; the research part of your paper will prove this.
  1. Decide on a specific topic that you will develop further in your paper.
  2. Before you can write your dissertation properly, you will need to get your tutor’s approval regarding the topic and the research methodology.
  3. Review the existing literature dealing with the topic of your choice. Or not 😉 you easily can skip most of this sters if you buy dissertation online from our writing service.
  4. Write the first draft, and be prepared to make extensive revisions. Since it takes such a long time to write a dissertation, you will most likely have to rewrite it several times over.
  5. A member of the faculty will supervise your work until it is completed, so make sure to submit each draft for revision according to the agreed schedule.
  6. As your paper develops, try and pay more attention to proper formatting and style issues.
  7. Submit the final product for approval.
  8. A board of faculty members and field experts will review your work and ask questions after reading it.But what can you do if you can’t complete your dissertation? You can just ask help from our professional dissertation writing services and relax.
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How we can help you
Our custom dissertation writing experts will help you:
  • Choose an original topic. Guidance during this first step is crucial to the success of your academic endeavors. It can be very difficult to pick a topic on your own, so our specialists will narrow the list of possibilities down until you find together that one topic that you are passionate about.
  • Be right on time. With our dissertation help services, you will always submit your drafts on time. We can also help with all the revisions your supervisor suggests.
  • Formatting. Even if the content of your dissertation is flawless, its formatting must be a match if you truly want to get the highest grade. This process can be time-consuming, so why not leave it to us, so that you can focus on actually writing your dissertation.
To sum up, if you need dissertation help with anything from deciding on a topic, to formatting, to actually writing it from beginning to end, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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